The Rise of Serviced Accommodations

And just like that we’re down to the last quarter of 2021!

So much have occured in the past quarters – on and off lockdowns, vaccine role outs and other issues here and there brought about by the pandemic. Quite exhausting don’t you think? But what can we do? We all just try to move forward and make the most out of what we can to live.

Covid-19 had caused many industries in the world to make drastic changes to its business operations. It’s effect on the world’s economy, not to mention health, is devastating at a certain level. We have seen and felt how it impacted the tourism and hospitality industry. Flights have been restricted to only essentials. Hotels on the other hand had to restructure- some temporarily ceased their operation, some had ceased permanently. 

But as the saying goes, when a door closes, a window opens. The predicament we are in had given opportunity to other players in the hospitality industry, such as serviced accommodations ,to be more known and availed by consumers. According to an article written by Property Investor Today, serviced apartments are the major players in hospitality at this stage. It has become the preferred type of accommodation by guests due to its affordability and facilities. As most serviced accommodations promise – a home away from home experience is what guests are normally attracted to. There’s privacy, more space, self check-in options, accommodation flexibility, proximity to restaurants and public transport – these are some of the reasons why serviced accommodations are becoming more preferable than hotels.

It is found to be more cost-effective with its amenities close to being like in hotels and the accommodation flexibility that it offers is such a relief to many guests. 

Perhaps this sector of the hospitality industry is just starting and there is definitely more to watch out for. At this point in time, the demand is unlikely to dwindle. The serviced accommodation sector will certainly continue to adapt to the demands of time and its consumers.

So, the next time you thought about traveling and needing of an accommodation, don’t think twice about booking your stay at a serviced apartment – and more importantly don’t forget to book your stay with us, because whilst the borders of many countries remain closed, we stay open to accommodate you. 

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