StayZo LTD Best Serviced Accommodation Provider – Hertfordshire

By: Lux Life Global Hospitality Award 2020

As the world becomes more advanced, the ability to choose becomes more prescient. Choice is what makes for true luxury. We take a closer look at StayZo Ltd, the place to go for those who want accommodation that’s slightly different from hotels. The success of the venture has opened up properties across the country. We dig a little deeper into the firm, following its award-winning success.

Since 2018, StayZo has provided a slightly different option to hotel accommodation. For some business travellers, the one or two bed apartments are the perfect solution, but for families, it is far from ideal. StayZo offers something a little different. Their properties are houses, able to easily accommodate large group from anywhere in the world. Chosen because they are near to supermarkets, pubs and decent transport links, these properties are the ideal places to become your home from home.

StayZo operates a large number of different properties, each cared for by individuals. What unites these people is a commitment to the highest standards, so that guests can be guaranteed a warm and friendly welcome. Most are self-check-in, so guests can arrive at their own convenience, which is ideal if there have been delays or accidents along the way. Once checked in, they are free to take in the property.

The appeal of this approach cannot be understated – visitors from around the world have taken advantage of this exceptional system. Guests have come from countries like Kenya, South Africa, Canada, USA and Australia, with the model extending beyond Hertfordshire across the UK into London, Winchester, Bradford and Bath. Catering to everyone from local visitors to contractors on a project, there’s nothing quite like what StayZo has to offer.

While there is plenty of independence in a guest’s stay at a StayZo property, communication is obviously key. Before, during and after a visit, the StayZo team ensure that they communicate quickly and accurately with their guests. It’s calming, reassuring and makes everyone feel more comfortable in their new environment. Clear instructions make everything as straightforward as possible, which is often welcome when guests arrive after a long journey.

2020 hit the hospitality industry hard, and StayZo has been no exception. There have been many cancellations from those who can no longer come to the UK from overseas, with many weekend bookings cancelling due to events not being held. StayZo’s doors have been kept open by the movement of keyworkers, who require places to stay that offer the operational flexibility and the freedom that StayZo excels at. This has allowed the team to regain much of this lost ground.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, businesses like StayZo remain determined to weather the storm and come out of the other side ready to serve guests once more. Their tireless efforts throughout this difficult time will see them thrive long into the future.


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